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2023-2024 IBCK Educational Center School Supply Lists

Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade

Clear or Mesh Backpack
5 Primary composition
5 Plastic Folders
(Pronged: Blue for ELA, Red
for Math, Yellow for Science,
Purple for Social Studies,
and Green for Homeroom)
1 ½” Binder
1 pencil zipper pouch
1 four-pack of glue sticks
2 boxes of 12-count pencils
(not mechanical)

1 Pair of scissors
1 box of crayons (24
3 packs of post-it notes
1 pack of colored pencils
New King James Bible
2 Packs of Loose-Leaf
1 Ruler
2 Packs of Index Cards

1 Pencil Sharpener
1 Pack of pencil pack
1 Box of markers
1 Pack of copy paper
1 Pack of Cleaning Wipes
1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
3 highlighters
2 large pink eraser

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