2017-2018 Season

Lambs Soccer Team

Our Sports Mission: Is to help our students in all areas of their lives. Spiritually, emotionally and physically. Practicing a sport competitively brings great benefits to the students and to their families. In IBCK we are committed in providing a strong Christian Athletic environment to help our students develop in all areas of their lives. Students must maintain high academic standards in order to participate in any sport. Also, an emphasis of Christ-like character is embedded in all areas of our Athletic Program.

About the Lambs Soccer Team

Coach Andres Becerra enters his fourth season as head coach for The IBCK Lamb soccer team. Being a Teacher here at IBCK Educational Center Mr. Becerra can connect to the players not just on the field as their coach but off it as well as a spiritual guidance. With his dedication not just to the sport but the students and players Mr. Becerra many years of understand and knowledge of the game will bring a wealth of experience to the ongoing development of the soccer program.


Soccer Coaching Staff

Head Coach – Andres Becerra

Assistant Coach – Eduardo Enau

Last Game Of The Season

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