Admissions / Registration Process

The IBCK Educational Center’s admission/registration process is made simple.



1) Fill out an application/registration form. Submit form with the $200 registration fee.

2) After application/registration form is submitted to the office, go ahead and submit additional documentation that is essential for your child’s registration process.
           a. Official State of Florida Immunization Record or Immunization Waiver
           b. Copy of Birth Certificate
           c. Copy of latest Report Card (except for kindergarten)
           d. Release of Records Form (allowing the school to get important student information from previous school)
           e. Proof of Residence (Utility Bill, Rental Agreement, etc.)

3) Family Interview: At least one parent/guardian and student(s) will be required to attend the interview with the Assistant Head of School. At the interview, the family will be able to learn more about the school and what they are looking to find. Also, any questions that parents/guardians may have will be answered.

4) Tuition Payment Plan – parents/guardians will work with the Finance Department to create a payment plan for tuition.



The re-enrollment process is even easier than the admission/registration process!

1) Update all information (personal, medical, emergency, etc.)
2) Re-sign permission/consent forms (pictures/video, etc.)
3) Work with the finance department to set up a payment plan for the tuition



Parents considering withdrawing a student from school permanently should make direct contact with the Pastor and/or a member of the Board of Directors several days prior to the withdrawal date. The student or parent must pick up a withdrawal form from the office and will be supplied with a checklist of items that must be cleared prior to withdrawing. The withdrawal form must be returned to the front office when completed. Records will not be forwarded to the new school until all items on the checklist are cleared, all outstanding fees and fines are paid, and a parental release form has been received from the new school. The receiving school initiates the actual release of records.

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