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The IBCK Educational Center’s After Care Program offers quality care for our students. The staff will provide students with a safe and productive environment. The students will have time to work on their homework. Flash cards, worksheets, and books to read will be provided to students who do not have homework assignments. Our goal is to reinforce what they have learned throughout their day. Aside from time allotted for homework, the students will have time to make new friends during recess time and a movie.

* 3:00pm-5:00pm
Cost of the After Care Program: $35.00 per week
The After Care program is closed on all official, school and teacher holidays. Check school calendar here.
There is a $1 per minute late fee for anyone who comes after 5:00pm

The IBCK Educational Center requires parent or an authorized adult, 16 years or older, to sign a child out each day, reporting the day, time, child’s name, and the authorized person signature.

Children will be released only to their parents or those designated on the information sheet as authorized to pick them up. If you wish to have your child picked up by someone who’s not listed on our information sheet, please notify IBCK Educational Center in writing of the authorized change. A PHONE CALL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. This is for the safety of the children, your peace of mind, and for the protection of the staff. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS OF THIS POLICY. IBCK Educational Center staff is required to check photo identification whenever they do not know the person picking up your child. If your child is going home with another student enrolled in the childcare program, a written note must be provided to the director in advance.

Each student must have a field trip permission form on file before he/she will be able to participate in any fieldtrips. Teachers will notify parents/guardians of upcoming fieldtrips and will ask for parents/guardians to serve as chaperones. There will be no more than four students to one chaperone. Chaperones must be on the IBCK Educational Center approved volunteer list. The teacher is in charge of the field trip; parents are there to assist.

All students must wear school polo, khaki or navy school pants, and tennis shoes with socks.
Students will remain under direct physical supervision by an adult at all times.
There will be one child per seatbelt in the vehicle. We will not “double up” children in seatbelts. Children are expected to behave in the car en route to the event. Classroom behavior standards apply at all times during the fieldtrip. Children are not allowed to have electronic devices on field trips (cell phones, personal computers, cameras, IPod, MP3 players, laser pointer, etc.), unless a school administrator grants special permission.
Upon arrival at the field trip site, the group of students should remain with their chaperone the entire time. Should the group reconvene and be seated in an auditorium or arena, the chaperone should be seated with his or her group. Behavioral standards at the event site should mirror our expectations in the classroom. Students should adhere to the IBCK Educational Center Honor Code: Love God above all things (Deuteronomy 6:5), First-time obedience to God and those in authority (Hebrews 13:17), Always give your best to God (Colossians 3:23), Love others and treat them kindly as you would want to be treated (Matthew 7:12), and Never stop trying—keep going until it’s finished (Philippians 3:13-14).
Parents/Guardians who want to drive their child directly from a field trip must notify the office in writing prior to the trip and have permission from an administrator.
Younger siblings may not attend a field trip without administrative approval prior to the trip. Siblings that are present will be the sole responsibility of the parent. A parent bringing a sibling on a fieldtrip may not serve as a chaperone.
All field trip drivers must have on file in the IBCK Educational Center office an updated copy of their automobile liability insurance and background check, if needed, two days prior to the trip.
Parents/chaperones may not dispense medication to any child other than their own.
A student found in violation of the policies described within this document, will be assigned to the hosting teacher for the duration of the field trip.
Violations of these policies mandate immediate notification to the Assistant Head of School, and a mandatory verbal and written parental notification by the Assistant Head of School the same day of the occurrence.
A student who disregards these policies will be prevented from attending any/all subsequent field trips for the remainder of that school year.
Field trips shall be limited to educational trips only, pertaining to age appropriate material.
Parents maintain the right to decline their children’s attendance, although parent and student involvement is strongly encouraged.
Children on probation will not be allowed on field trips.
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