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Integration of Biblical Truth in Curriculum

The IBCK Educational Center is a Christ-centered school. It is imperative that we focus on Biblical truths and implement them throughout every subject that is taught in the classrooms. The Bible provides a solid source of wisdom for every subject that is taught. Therefore, parents, students, and staff must take the time to understand the importance of holding everything that is taught up to the light of Scripture.

A BEKA Book Curriculum

At IBCK Educational Center we utilize the A Beka Book curriculum to instruct our students from Kindergarten to Twelfth grade in conjunction with supplemental resources. We chose A Beka Book after doing extensive research due to their excellent reputation and high standards in scholastic material. The following is an excerpt from their website. “Three decades ago, ABeka Book began with the mission of providing Christian schools with high-quality textbooks and teaching aids to help each school fulfill its educational goals. The hundreds of traditional educational materials from A Beka Book have been developed and refined over a period of 50 years in the classrooms of Pensacola Christian Academy, one of America’s largest and most respected Christian schools. As a result, throughout the nation A Beka Book is recognized as the standard of excellence in the publishing of textbooks and other scholastic materials... Our materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practicality.” www.Abeka.com


Meeting the needs of our special needs population is very important to us. We utilize the A Beka Book Curriculum, hands on materials, visuals and other research based learning materials to enhance student learning and meet their learning goals. We also teach Life Skills as an alternative for our High School students unable to handle a rigorous academic curriculum.


In order to expand the elective academic options for our students and allow opportunities for credit recovery as well as early graduation, we have established an affiliation with Florida Virtual School. Non-scholarship and Step-Up Scholarship students are able to sign up for two courses annually at no additional cost to the parents/guardians. Students with the McKay Scholarship are able to sign up for courses through FLVS but at an additional cost per 1⁄2 credit. Through FLVS students are able to work on their courses at school and home. FLVS is available all year long, allowing students the ability to complete credits during the summer months. All completed FLVS courses will be documented on the report card and student transcripts. FLVS is available to students from Kindergarten to Twelfth grade. Only students in Middle and High school are allowed to work on courses during school time. Students MUST have parent/guardian consent in order to register for FLVS courses.


At IBCK Educational Center, we believe in keeping parents/guardians well informed about their student(s) academic progress. All students’ grades are kept in an electronic format available for parents/guardians to access throughout the school year. In addition, parents/guardians will receive a report card at the end of each quarter to evaluate the student’s academic progress. A student’s grades may include: test scores, quiz scores, homework, notebook checks, projects, reports, and classroom participation.The grading system will look like the scale below.

Academic Scale for Grades Kindergarten through 12th

  • 100% - 90% A
  • 89% - 80% B
  • 79% - 70% C
  • 69% - 60% D
  • 59% & Below F


IBCK Educational Center believes homework is a vital part of the educational process. It provides opportunities for students to reinforce skills, gain a better understanding of the subject matter, and extend their thinking through research and application. Homework helps students hone their work habits and organizational and study skills; it helps them to increase independence and responsibility. Homework also helps connect parents/guardians with what their children are learning in school. Educational research shows that students who complete appropriate homework assignments demonstrate significant gains in academic achievement.The following are the guidelines used for determining the amount and type of homework.

  1. Homework is given to reinforce or practice essential skills.
  2. Students are to read at least 20 minutes a day at home.
  3. Teachers will assign practice questions for math skills.
  4. Homework should not exceed more than an hour to complete at home. This constitutes with the student sitting at a table and working without interruption.

Students are generally given a minimum of 20 minutes to work on homework at school during their study hall to help keep down the amount spent at home. Homework is graded and is part of the overall class average.

Helpful Homework Tips

  • 1. Pray with your child before beginning their assignments.
  • 2. Have a homework-friendly areas. (Structured, well lit, and comfortable)
  • 3. Have a regular time scheduled for homework. (This will help build a routine for students and will help them transition into a homework-ready
  • mentality).
  • 4. Keep distractions to a bare minimum. (No TV, loud music, or other electronic devices that can cause distraction).
  • 5. Monitor their work and make sure they do their own work. (Let them make mistakes and figure out what they are doing wrong—this is all about them mastering the skill not, just getting it done and over with).
  • 6. Encourage. (Give them praise for their hard work and effort).

Extra Credit Policy

Extra credit will not be given to students due to the fact that if they are struggling with accomplishing their regular assignments, additional work will not be beneficial to the student.


However, a teacher may repeat an assignment in a different format. A teacher may also individualize a previous assignment in order to improve skills and/replace a low grade.


Teachers, to their discretion, may give bonus questions tests or quizzes; however, questions must be from the studied materials and of higher-level thinking.

Promotion/Retention Policy

All decisions regarding the promotion/retention of a student rests with the administration team for students from kindergarten through Twelve grade. Failing grades in core subject areas (Bible, Reading, Writing, Science, History, and Math) must be made up in approved summer school courses before a student passes to the next grade. A student that has more than two failing yearly grades in core classes will automatically be required to repeat his/her current grade.

* For a more detailed description of our academic program, please refer to our "Parent and Student Handbook"



Our children’s safety is of utmost importance; therefore, we have established a traffic plan and procedures to help ensure the safety of every child. IBCK Educational students must either be brought by parent/guardian or by the transportation services provided by the school.

Here at the IBCK Educational Center we understand that time is of the essence. Therefore, we have established arrival and dismissal procedures to minimize the time required to drop off and pick up your child.

  • >Each student or student sibling group will be assigned a number.

  • >A car tag with the student number will be provided to the cars registered at the Visitor Center.

  • >Students are gathered in the cafeteria.

  • >Security will contact school personnel of the student numbers assigned to the car in the pick-up line.

  • >School personnel will call the student numbers and student will be escorted to car.

(Arrival: 7:30am - 8:00am) Supervision begins at 7:30 am in the sanctuary (IBCK church building). Therefore, no student will be dropped off before 7:30 am. It is important for parents to follow traffic signs/cones that indicate the flow of traffic for drop off.

(Dismissal: 2:50pm - 3:15pm) Students leave the school building at approximately 2:45pm. Parents must follow the traffic signs/cones that indicate the flow of traffic for pick-up.Students will be with their teacher and the teacher will walk them to their car once their number is called to ensure safety.

Car Line Safety and Etiquette

  • When picking up and dropping off your children:
  • > Be patient, careful, and watchful
  • > Go slowly
  • > Face forward when moving
  • > Stop at least six feet from the car in front of you
  • > No cell phone use as this can be a significant distraction
  • > Do not pass cars unless directed to do so by school personnel
  • > Stay in your car and allow school personnel or their designee to assist your child in or out of the vehicle

IBCK Educational Center provides transportation to school and home at an extra cost. Parents interested in receiving this service must complete a Transportation permission form at the Visitor Center. Once the form and payment is received, service will begin.

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"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it"

Proverbs 22:6