Legal Information

Legal Injuctions and Court Documents

In cases where a court has issued a legal injunction or court order against a parent of an IBCK Educational Center student, the petitioner or plaintiff parent shall provide the original or court-certified copy of the court document to the principal of their student’s division. In cases where the parent has a student in more than one division (daycare and elementary), the parent shall provide the document to the Director of each department. In those cases, updated information will be placed on the Board of Directors’ meeting agenda and one of the board members will serve as the primary spokesperson should there be any incoming respondent or defendant parent school contacts.

The Pastor, being alerted to the existence of an injunction or court order, will contact the petitioners/plaintiff parent to schedule a meeting in order to review the document(s) for a full and clear understanding of restrictions that are placed upon the respondent/defendant parent as he/she may relate to access to the student while at school, or access information in a student’s cumulative school record file. The petitioner/plaintiff parent shall also bring a recent photograph of the respondent/defendant parent for filing with the court document which will be kept on file.The pastor or his designee shall prepare an IBCK Educational Center Injunction Information form during the meeting with the parent. The document lists only the information directly pertinent to school related restrictions, and the parent shall then sign the document.

The pastor will provide pertinent information to those who potentially could have direct contact with the restricted parent. These people may include teacher(s), receptionist, and other faculty and staff members.

Any phone, mail, or email contact to the school from the restricted parent shall be forwarded to the principal, whom the state regards as the person responsible for the well being of the student. Should the restricted parent in any way present a threat or veiled threat of coming to the school campus, the pastor shall so inform the authorities.

The petitioner/plaintiff parent shall be responsible to keep school appraised at all times of any and all updates to the status of the injunction or court order. At the start of each school year, the receptionist will contact the petitioner/plaintiff parent to determine if there have been any further court rulings, in order to assure that the files are current.

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